Friday, 18 April 2014

You're a bossy bunch, you know that?

Back in February I asked you all to tell me what to sew for my Monthly Stitch March challenge, and boy oh boy did you guys debate! 39 comments all up telling me to sew the Pavot in red, no the Vogue in Cream, NO the Cordova in seafoam.... you're a bossy lot - and I love you for it.

The winning combination was easily Sewaholic's Cordova in the Chanel-like boucle wool, receiving 13 votes. I'm just gonna throw it out there and say that it wasn't a combination I was expecting or even hoping for. I thought it was going to look awful. But I put myself on the line and lines are meant to be crossed, no?

Well, I'll say it now and say it only once, but you guys were right. BUT I did hate this jacket at first. I wasn't sold on the shape and even Jono announced that it was fugly. Bu tnow, he's decided that it's a really, really cool jacket, and I must say that I agree. This jacket has reminded me of why I love sewing so much - a fabulous opportunity to make something that really is as unique as ourselves. The whole package makes me giddy - I actually made a jacket!!

And here's the thing - I now want more Cordovas. MOAR! The jacket came together really easily and I think the drafting was pretty well done. And can I just say - I love the finished measurements that are included on the envelope. Awesome awesome, helped me choose a good size that didn't have too much ease, I hate lots of ease. The instructions were rather brief, and definitely relied on you having a knowledge of sewing and construction. I thought one page was a bit short, and it could have gone into further detail, but they were adequate.

And anyway, who am I kidding, I usually read instructions and then go about it my own way. Where's the fun in following instructions all the time? Isn't not listening what an unpicker is for??

The fabric that you all demanded was from my 2013 Fabricabrac spree. It's been sitting in my stash for a year now, and before then it had been lurking in some ladies mother's stash for years, waiting for me and the Cordova. Or, at least, that's how I like to think about it. She was so delighted that I liked her Mum's red, terracotta, cream, brown and purple boucle, that I couldn't not use it... Sadly after all those years there were a few moth holes. The biggest was in the centre back piece, so I had to re-cut.... and when I cut another, there was another hole! Luckily the holes were on opposite sides, so I got around it by cutting the centre back into two pieces like it was meant to be - I had originally planned on cutting my centre back on the fold, but a centre back seam is ok. My attempt to pattern match kinda failed, but HEY, I can't see it.

But, my bossy friends, I've saved the best bit 'till last. I decided, in the spirit of making one's own that we get possessed with, that I wanted an awesome zipper pull. So I took to the internet. Searching 'zipper pull' gets you some pretty awful choices (except these)... then I realised that I could probably use a necklace pendant as well. This opened up a whole world of possibilities, but it had to be this. It just had to be the purple enameled articulated koi.

On a scale of one to awesome, I think Miss Bossy just fainted in delight.