Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Gypsy made: the original UFO completed

Happy New Year! How were your nights? I had a very relaxing night spent with 2 of my oldest friends, one fiancee (not mine) and Jono. We ate aubergine (eggplant) involtini, drank red wine and bubbles and talked until 3am. Perfect.

In terms of my sewing, I have been thinking about the directions I want to take while trying to plow through as many UFO's as I can. And today I finished my first ever UFO - a handbag!

I started this when I first got my machine when I was 21, so the UFO is a nice ripe age of 4 years. I nearly finished, and then I stuffed up the handles due to a misunderstanding about right side together, threw a tanty and stuffed it away. And yesterday I returned my leather handbag to the shop because the leather was splitting on the handles.... so I was handbagless and had the motivation.

It's made from quilting cotton, and I remember agonising over the fabrics. I really didn't want my bag to look homemade. I don't quite think I managed that, to me it looks quilting cotton-y, but these days bright canvas handbags are popular here in NZ, so maybe I'll blend in! And I am actually surprised with how much care I took assembling the body, it's fully lined and neat.

My handles are far from prefect, and a bit uneven. But really, I wasn't going to stress too much about that. I added the buttons this morning - I'm quite pleased with them really!

In terms of my actual sewing this year, I have a few plans in mind:
  • I am hoping to make a garment a fortnight. I toyed with the idea of challenges a la Sew Weekly,  So I'll be looking for my gaps in my wardrobe and allocating it a fortnight to make it in.
  • Only buy items you cannot reasonably make yourself. I have held to the seamless challenge through 2012, and only bought shoes, underwear, stockings, a handbag, and some knitted jerseys. These are things that I cannot make for myself - my knitting is rudimentary and finding good fabric to make panties is a challenge, for instance. But those things I can make, I will make.
  • Fabric stores are not lunchtime entertainment. That empty bank balance is all to blame on my work's vicinity to two fabric stores. 
Three goals should do it, no?

Personally I am aiming to be well, strong and happy.  With a tumultuous year ahead of me involving far too many doctors than I would like, my biggest personal focus is being well and strong in my own body.

Oh, and learn New Zealand Sign Language as well. The sign I learned 2 years ago has come back quickly (I love how powerful our brains are! Especially with language!) and I'm itching to start again, not only out of necessity, but because I enjoy it.

Right, I'm off to finish a UFO dress now!


  1. I like the plan you've put up in your right-hand bar! Looking forward to seeing the results of each of those goals. :-)

    1. Thanks! I'm keeping myself accountable!

  2. Well, strong, and happy sounds like a great goal :) Also well done on finishing that UFO :D

  3. Your plans for 2013 seem very achievable - a garment per fortnight. I wish you good health and many happy sewing hours, without too many visits to doctors. You have a lot to face but being a good Kiwi girl, I am sure you will find the strength you need. I am looking forward to seeing your hardwork.

    1. Thanks Marjorie - sewing has given me a god spot in my mind, I'm too focussed on the task at hand to worry about things, which is good! Worrying will bet me nowhere, sewing will fill my wardrobe!

  4. I love your goals (especially taking care of your health and wellness first and foremost). I hear you about fabric stores-- I'm no longer going to "just pop in" to see what's around... I just can't handle any more impulse fabric buys!

    I'm with Kat-- I love the looks of your two-week sewing plan on the sidebar! How fun!

    Happy 2013! You're in my thoughts and prayers lots!

    1. Oh, you are wonderful, thanks! It's true what they say about a diagnosis giving you a new lease on life! I am much less scared now and much more interested in me, which is good as for a long time I wasn't!


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